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NEW! Berry Keto Granola - 6x400g packs


Keto Granola - 6x400g packs




When we started The Mighty Food Kitchen, we had a simple goal – use great ingredients to create mighty food that sets us up for good things – mighty things – to be our most unique and powerful selves.

Why? Because food is powerful stuff. It brings us joy and brings us together and has amazing power to transform our bodies and health. We’ve always been fascinated by the power of food… we love new ideas about better-for-you food that’s packed full of all the goodness we need. We love finding ways to harness food’s super powers and bring them into our everyday lives.

Our kitchen’s where that magic happens. We simply made what we love, tested it on our nearest and dearest – they loved it, and good things happened from there. Now, with a pretty great team to help us keep the mighty ideas coming, we’re stoked that our family-owned-and-run business is growing with passionate people who love learning about food, making it, eating it and sharing it. Just like we do.

Join our tribe – on Facebook, or over on our blog – as we eat, live and enjoy, mightily!


What We Make

Just when you thought our Mighty range couldn't get any more luxurious...

Introducing the first Keto Granola in New Zealand -- Keto Grain Free Granola, and our brand new keto addition - Berry Keto Grain-Free Granola!

Our wholefoods granola contains only the mightiest of ingredients - premium nuts and seeds, tangy freeze-dried fruit, coconut oil, cinnamon, and coconut chips.  We gently sweeten with the natural goodness of stevia.

All of our granola products are free from dairy, refined sugars or grains.

Eat, live and enjoy mightily!

Perfect for...


Luxurious Yoghurt

& Dessert Toppings


Delicious Meals &

Scrumptious Snacks


Mouth-Watering Smoothies

& Soulful Bowls

The Mighty Food Blog

Because we all like a good old blog don't we.

Keto Snack Balls

By Mighty Foods | January 23, 2020

The perfect Keto snack Are you looking for a creative snack that tastes delicious and is Keto-friendly? Look no further than these hunger-busting nutty balls. Perfect on the run or as an after-dinner treat. Ingredients  1/4 cacao powder1/2 cup almond butter, preferably roasted1/4 cup desiccated shredded coconut, unsweetened1/4 cup ground flaxmeal1/2 cup keto granola3 tbsp…

fruit crumble

Anytime Crumble

By Mighty Foods | September 5, 2019

Who said crumble should just be for dessert? A fruit crumble can be enjoyed as a breakfast treat, snack or dessert -it’s very versatile. This crumble recipe uses up any turning fruit and stale bread lying around the house (just make sure it’s still ok to use). Mix it in with a delicious MFK granola and you will give your fruit…

Mango Bowl

Mango Breakfast Bowl

By Mighty Foods | June 27, 2019

Perfect to brighten up your morning and keep the winter chills at bay. When it’s cold and grey outside, we love nothing more than our breakfast to look like summer in a bowl. Fortunately, mangoes are available all year round and add a taste of the tropics to our mornings. This smoothy bowl has the perfect balance of delicate sweet creaminess and is loaded with gut loving…

Super Green Smoothy

By Mighty Foods | June 7, 2019

Super green, super food and super delicious! Kiwi berries are packed with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy goodness. They are a great addition to your morning smoothy and we’ve made them even more delicious by adding our Honey & Ginger Granola. Crunchilious! Ingredients 3 mini kiwis, chopped (skins can be left on) 1/2…

Muesli Bliss Balls

Mighty Muesli Bliss Balls

By Mighty Foods | May 16, 2019

We love bliss balls and this is our best recipe yet! These bite-sized morsels of deliciousness are full of fibre, natural sweeteners and our gut-loving Probiotic Muesli.   Packed full of energy boosting goodness, they are great for a healthy snack on the go or an after-dinner treat. They are also super simple to make…

Our favourite ‘real food’ Easter treats

By Michelle Sullivan | April 19, 2019

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some indulgence. The good news is you can still be eating food that serves your health and happiness. We’ve taken our favourite food – granola of course – and paired it with quality ingredients to create Easter treats that are simple to make, absolutely delicious and perfect to…

Coconut and Cacao Granola Acai Bowl

By Mighty Foods | August 20, 2018

Perfect for breakfast or snacking, pamper your palate with an acai bowl topped with our Coconut and Cacao Granola. Free from dairy, refined sugar and grains, this scrumptious and simple mix of coconut, cacao, raspberries, nuts and seeds tastes like a spoonful of summer. Ingredients • ¼ cup The Mighty Food Kitchen Coconut & Cacao…

New Year, Same AMAZING You

By Mighty Foods | January 10, 2018

By Nicole Barnett — Well here we are again at the start of a new year.  I don’t know about you, but my Facebook, Instagram and email inbox are already bursting with photos of impossibly toned bodies and articles from people who mustn’t have let even a gram of Christmas cake pass by their lips…

Living Mighty: De-Cluttering

By Mighty Foods | October 13, 2017

By Nicole Barnett —   Words cannot describe the ecstasy…   Of an uncluttered pantry.   But if you’re anything like me, even the sight of those lower level pantry shelves is enough to insight more fear than the first time you saw the original Stephen King’s IT.   What’s in there? How expired is…

Living Mighty – Prioritizing Yourself

By Mighty Foods | September 28, 2017

By Nicole Barnett   How often do you find yourself lying in bed at night, making brilliant plans that you are 100% sure you’ll be able to achieve come the next day (starting of course, with that elusive 5am start)?  And how often do these instantly begin unraveling the minute you accidentally snooze 12 times…


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