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Welcome to Our Kitchen

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NEW! Berry Keto Granola - 6x400g packs


Keto Granola - 6x400g packs




When we started The Mighty Food Kitchen, we had a simple goal – use great ingredients to create mighty food that sets us up for good things – mighty things – to be our most unique and powerful selves.

Why? Because food is powerful stuff. It brings us joy and brings us together and has amazing power to transform our bodies and health. We’ve always been fascinated by the power of food… we love new ideas about better-for-you food that’s packed full of all the goodness we need. We love finding ways to harness food’s super powers and bring them into our everyday lives.

Our kitchen’s where that magic happens. We simply made what we love, tested it on our nearest and dearest – they loved it, and good things happened from there. Now, with a pretty great team to help us keep the mighty ideas coming, we’re stoked that our family-owned-and-run business is growing with passionate people who love learning about food, making it, eating it and sharing it. Just like we do.

Join our tribe – on Facebook, or over on our blog – as we eat, live and enjoy, mightily!


What We Make

Just when you thought our Mighty range couldn't get any more luxurious...

Introducing the first Keto Granola in New Zealand -- Keto Grain Free Granola, and our brand new keto addition - Berry Keto Grain-Free Granola!

Our wholefoods granola contains only the mightiest of ingredients - premium nuts and seeds, tangy freeze-dried fruit, coconut oil, cinnamon, and coconut chips.  We gently sweeten with the natural goodness of stevia.

All of our granola products are free from dairy, refined sugars or grains.

Eat, live and enjoy mightily!

Perfect for...


Luxurious Yoghurt

& Dessert Toppings


Delicious Meals &

Scrumptious Snacks


Mouth-Watering Smoothies

& Soulful Bowls

The Mighty Food Blog

Because we all like a good old blog don't we.

Buy Our Granola Online! Launching Very Soon!

By Mighty Foods | September 11, 2017

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from a number of fans who’ve mentioned how much they love our granola, but how difficult it is to come by at their local supermarket. We want to let all our mighty foodies know that we’ve heard you, and we are proud to announce that you will now…

We’re Back!

By Mighty Foods | September 8, 2017

Hello mighty people! We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately – we’re hard at work creating some exciting new morsels for you all to enjoy. Keep posted for the big reveal later on down the road, and for a special announcement early next week…  

Living Mighty: conquering worry

By Vicky Taylor | September 2, 2016

We love finding ways to break down the barriers that stop us being our mightiest self. In our Living Mighty blog topics, we’re taking these on one by one and would love your comments and feedback! Get involved in the conversation over on Facebook. A biggie among those barriers is worry. And I don’t mean…

Why Mighty Loves Paleo

By Michelle Sullivan | August 5, 2016

There’s no doubt paleo is VERY hot at the moment. What seemed like a fringe idea just a few years ago is getting a lot of attention. While we’re not strict fanatics for one mode of eating – we like to experiment and try a little bit of (almost) everything life has to offer –…

Three Mighty Food Kitchen principles for a healthy life

By Michelle Sullivan | June 9, 2016

By Vicky Taylor, mighty foodie and MFK founder Can a healthy and not too serious approach to food reflect the way you approach life too? We think so. We love working with food. It’s such a core part of life, health, energy levels, enjoyment and happiness. A key part of coming together with friends and…

Easy Goodness – 5 Days, 5 Ways

By Michelle Sullivan | May 6, 2016

Our granola is a tasty companion to your busy work week. It’s an easy way to jazz up breakfast, snack time and dessert. Some of our favourite serving ideas are below. They are all simple, wholesome and taste fabulous.

Powerhouse Ingredients

By Michelle Sullivan | April 8, 2016

We love to celebrate the delicious goodness that can be found in Mother Nature. The beauty of the real food movement is that you can look at a list of ingredients and pronounce each and every one. No made up ingredients or numbers!

Welcome to our World

By Michelle Sullivan | March 21, 2016

Hi! Welcome to our brand new blog – and our very first post. We’re so glad you found us! Here at MFK, we reckon that eating and living well comes from caring about what goes into our bellies, but also what’s in our hearts and minds. It’s all connected. So here on this blog, we’re…


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