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Why Mighty Loves Paleo


There’s no doubt paleo is VERY hot at the moment. What seemed like a fringe idea just a few years ago is getting a lot of attention. While we’re not strict fanatics for one mode of eating – we like to experiment and try a little bit of (almost) everything life has to offer – we think there are some great core principles to paleo that can make a big difference to health and wellbeing.

Put simply, paleo describes the global movement of diet and lifestyle inspired by our Paleolithic ancestors.

There are lots of different takes on the detail, and no one strict paleo rulebook to follow (one of the things we love about it actually!). But in general, those following a paleo diet skip most processed foods, including refined sugar, gluten, grains and dairy. Some also keep fruit to a minimum (personally we still love berries and couldn’t resist adding the beautiful taste and colour of raspberries to our Coconut & Cacao granola).

Most of the foods paleo eaters put aside are ‘recent’ additions to the human diet (since about 10,000 years ago), and it’s thought our bodies still struggle to break them down easily. Many people find paleo eating has positive health benefits like weight loss, reducing inflammatory conditions and increasing vitality.

Sure, at first it can seem like a big change to cut things from your diet but once you focus on all the things you CAN eat, it’s pretty exciting (and delicious). Fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, ethical meats, seafood, bone broth, fermented vegetables, nuts and seeds. Treats are still possible because refined sweeteners are replaced by wholefood alternatives like pure maple syrup, dates, coconut sugar and raw honey.

We wanted to chat about what we love about the paleo lifestyle and why it made sense to make our two granolas with this particular wholefood touch.

Keep it real

The idea is to steer clear of the heavily processed stuff. You know the ‘food’ that has an ingredient list a mile long and looks like it’s a product of science. Paleo is wonderfully simple. We’re really proud that our granolas have a simple list of ingredients. No fillers. Just wholesome nuts and seeds with a touch of coconut sugar. No skimping on taste and no deprivation!

More in common with veganism and raw-food diets than you might think

Paleo definitely isn’t about eating massive amounts of meat. It actually shares more common ground with plant-based diets than many people realise. Meat should be consumed moderately and instead the idea is to fill your dinner plate with fresh vegetables. Embrace the good and green.

It’s not just about food

The paleo movement is not just about diet. It places importance on social connection, so put down the smartphone!. Whether it’s joining a crossfit gym, making an effort to spend time with friends or being active in your community, the benefits of human-to-human contact are immense.

You gotta move

Paleo recommends moving every day and taking time out to play and have fun. You’ll be giving your immune system a boost, tackling stress and keeping your muscles strong and supple. Throw a ball or frisbee with your kids, go for a walk or shoot hoops to unwind.  Our grandparents (and our ancestors going back as far as you can imagine) all spent much more time engaged in physical activity than we do, so get moving even if its just the vacuum cleaner!

Head Outside

Re-connecting with Mother Nature is a lovely part of the paleo story.  Get rugged up and go for a walk, get some sun on your face – even if it is the winter variety. Nature has a magic ability to ground us; clearing our busy minds and bringing a sense of calm.

Creating something that tasted absolutely amazing and looked beautiful in the bowl was as important to us as being wholesome. The idea that a healthy diet is a chore is one that we are determined to disprove. One bowl of granola at a time!

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