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Welcome to our World


Welcome to our brand new blog – and our very first post. We’re so glad you found us!

Here at MFK, we reckon that eating and living well comes from caring about what goes into our bellies, but also what’s in our hearts and minds. It’s all connected. So here on this blog, we’re going to be sharing everything from straight up ideas on how to enjoy our delicious granolas, and some insight into what makes us tick, to some of the wider inspiration we discover as we explore how to make foods, and live lives, that leave us fulfilled on all levels.


We glean information and inspiration from all over the place, so the topics we cover will vary, as do the interesting people and writers that form our Mighty Foodies tribe and will help us with creating this blog for you.

We’re so excited to start sharing all the things that interest and inspire us here with you – and we’d love you to get involved in the conversation. Leave us a comment if some of our topics spark your fancy or if there’s something specific you’d like us to cover.

We hope you find some tidbits here to enjoy. So, have a browse, join us, and get amongst this mighty life!

Thank you, from the team at the Mighty Food Kitchen.

See you back here soon!

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