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Powerhouse Ingredients

By mighty foodie Kelly Gibney


We love to celebrate the delicious goodness that can be found in Mother Nature. The beauty of the real food movement is that you can look at a list of ingredients and pronounce each and every one. No made up ingredients or numbers!

We wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our superstar ingredients and why they deserve a place in The Mighty Food Kitchen granolas.

We’ve crafted our granola to be only the good stuff – no fillers. Every ingredient is there because we think it’s delicious AND good for you. Some – like cacao – you may have heard a bit of buzz about recently but haven’t been entirely sure what’s so good about it. Others are health food underdogs that also deserve a ton of credit for their massive nutritional value.

Pumpkin Seeds

This powerhouse seed features in both of our granolas. As well as being tasty, it is an excellent source of zinc, which is really important for skin health, immunity and mood. It also boasts a healthy dose of plant based protein and fats. Humble but mighty indeed.


Cacao is really having a moment in the sunshine right now and with good reason. At first glance cacao may look like just a fancy version of cocoa powder but the payoffs for choosing this quality ingredient are immense. Regular cocoa powder has had much of its goodness stripped away by processing. Cacao on the other hand is closer to its natural state and retains a whole host of health benefits. It’s a great source of magnesium, an essential mineral that promotes relaxation, and bone and heart health.  It packs a big punch when it comes to antioxidant levels too. Delicious and great for you. We can get behind that.

Coconut Oil

Another particularly trendy ingredient; coconut oil is leading the charge that heralds the welcome return of healthy fat into our diets. Talk coming from the health and wellness world tells us that our immunity, brain function, skin health and metabolism all benefit from including this plant based fat into our daily diet. It also tastes pretty fantastic.

Brazil Nuts

New Zealand soil has low levels of selenium. Selenium is really important because it supports healthy immune and thyroid function as well as acting as an antioxidant in our bodies. Brazil nuts manage to serve up a daily dose of selenium with just 2-3 nuts every day. Pretty impressive right?


High in vitamin E, magnesium and potassium; almonds deliver a whole lot of goodness in a very small package. A good dose of healthy plant fats and protein ensure you are satisfied and stay full for longer. Almonds will give you an energy hit without a massive blood sugar crash. Like all nuts, almonds are a nutrient dense and low carbohydrate food choice. We love ‘em.

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