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Living Mighty: conquering worry

We love finding ways to break down the barriers that stop us being our mightiest self. In our Living Mighty blog topics, we’re taking these on one by one and would love your comments and feedback! Get involved in the conversation over on Facebook.

A biggie among those barriers is worry. And I don’t mean worrying it might rain before you get the washing in, I’m talking about the stuff that keeps you awake at night, that keeps your head busy cycling around the same things, and distracts you or even forms a barrier to doing or being who you truly could be.

It seems to be such a common trait of modern life (just like being busy!)

Almost everyone I know seems to carry a long list of worries, ranging from the practical to the unlikely.

How will I fit in time for exercise? Am I really good enough to take on this job? How are we doing financially (don’t even get me started on house prices)? What age should I let my children have phones? Brexit, Terrorism, migration…what is happening to the world!

Working out what is worth thinking about to get to a solution and what we need to let go of is a powerful skill. A friend shared this meme on facebook which I loved. Nothing like taking the complicated and making it simple.


I’ve mastered a few things. Will the neighbours agree with the fence plan? (no…so why bother). Will my boys do ok at school? (yes…they have good brains so let’s focus on values). Will that Mum I always say hi to and who never remembers my name do better tomorrow? (no…let it go).

Some things continue to come back again and again. I have found saying them aloud, to a friend, a partner, a colleague seems to help. It’s amazing how often bright light puts problems in perspective and even finds solutions.

Looking after yourself is important too. We all know this but it’s the doing that’s hard! Enough sleep, eating well, and cutting down on the caffeine and alcohol all make a difference. I’ve found a great place to start is with a small easy change: as simple as starting each day with a mighty breakfast. Make yourself something delicious and healthy, sit down, take your time and centre yourself for the day while enjoying every bite. You might think you don’t have time but it can be the most valuable 5 mins you spend.

I like to use this time to clear my head and focus on the right questions. What makes me mighty? What do I love? How can I do more of what I love? Most of all, it gives me the space to enjoy the moment I’m in right now.

I’d love to hear how you manage – head to our Facebook page and let us know your tips!



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